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HSHU-23 - Heat Sink Holding Unit

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Duke’s Product Holding Unit (PHU) with HeatSink™ technology is a key to your companies’ foodservice success. The Duke PHU dominates the prepared food holding marketplace because the patented technology works – saving you... read more...

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Exterior construction for durability and ease of construction
  • Annodized aluminum surface durable and easily cleaned
  • Fully radiused curved corners that are easily cleaned
  • No removable parts or screws or fasteners to clean around
  • Cool to the touch thermoplastic front panel
  • Supplied with 2 solid lids designed for product flexibility
  • Amber pans allows for visibility to easily check on inventory status
  • Ability to control different day parts
  • Web based programming
  • Upload programs through USB port no manager reprogramming necessary
  • Automatic pan linkability for product freshness
  • Timer to ensure no expired product is to be served
  • Simplistic timer system makes it easy for employees to use and easy to manage
  • Alphanumeric displays are easy to read
  • Amber pans allow for visibility to easily check on inventory status
  • 65mm deep deep pans

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